• August 2023
    We are very excited to be back at the ILTACON 2023 Annual Conference on 20-24 August 2023 at WDW Swan & Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you are going to be at ILTACON, don’t miss visiting our 'inMailX by Digitus' booth #1918. Our team will be on hand to meet and take you through the latest inMailX solution updates and provide live inMailX demonstrations.
  • July 2023
    inMailX 3.23.0701 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Clean Excel 'Tracked Changes' options to remove all changes or only user info; Attachments Clean PowerPoint 'Custom Properties' options; Preview Custom Properties for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files; Preview Restricted Files feature; Send Guard Attachments Size Alert when exceeding maximum allowed size; new iManage Work 10 Filing features and functionality; NetDocuments and SharePoint connectors enhancements.
  • June 2023
    inMailX 3.23.0601 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Clean ZIP feature to clean documents in attached ZIP files; Attachments Clean Signed PDF option to skip cleaning signed PDF files; new Attachments Preview Password-protected files feature; Preview Pane feature to show 'This document is signed' banner for signed PDF files; Send Guard Attachments Preview Password-protected files feature; iManageWork, NetDocuments and Worldox connectors enhancements.
  • May 2023
    inMailX 3.23.0501 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Clean Profiles 'Skip' functionality to create profiles that skip cleaning; Attachments Preview ZIP logic to show folders content; Attachments Clean, PDF, Protect, Rename, Reorder, ZIP, Replace feature to show padlock icon for protected attachments; Print Window feature to show padlock icon for protected attachments; iManageWork, NetDocuments and Worldox connectors enhancements.
  • April 2023
    inMailX 3.23.0401 production release is now available. This version adds new Attachments Clean Profiles feature to configure metadata cleaning profiles; Replace NRL links for iManage Work10 using Universal API; improved 'Suggest Conversation Folders' logic; SharePoint 'Auto-Add Personal OneDrive Site' option to automatically add personal OneDrive site; SharePoint Fields Mapping for Multi Managed Metadata fields and user field types.



  • inMailXImprove Compliance and Productivity

    inMailX is a revolutionary email management, compliance and productivity solution for Microsoft Outlook and document/records management systems, delivered via a single add-in. inMailX brings together features and functionality your business and staff need to effectively manage emails, attachments and content. Since inMailX is an integral part of Outlook, it creates a familiar environment for staff whilst minimizing the need for training. This translates into valuable time savings, reduced running costs, and increased compliance and productivity.
  • Prevent Email Data Breaches

    inMailX 'Send Guard' prevents accidental data breaches by prompting users to check and confirm that confidential emails, meetings and attachments are being sent to the correct recipients. In addition, inMailX Attachment Manager also includes Preview attachments, Metadata Cleaning, Password Protection, PDF Conversion, ZIP Compression, Rename & Reorder attachments, Restrict attachments, Reply All Warning, Reply with Attachments, and many more features, in a single Outlook add-in.
  • Empower Users and Increase Productivity

    Are you looking for a solution for your staff to quickly Preview attachments side-by-side with the email message, Clean Metadata, Convert to PDF, Compress to ZIP and Encrypt attachments, as well as Rename and Reorder email attachments 'on the fly' in Outlook? Do you need a solution for preventing accidental email data breaches? Contact us to see how easy it is to do this with inMailX Attachment Manager!
  • Reduce your Footprint

    Do your staff regularly re-print the same email over and over again to capture the newest email threads, unnecessarily wasting paper? The latest inMailX Print Manager functionality will support your organisation's green initiative and save paper, by allowing staff to print only the most recent email conversation threads and selectively print the email attachments they need from one interface.
  • Minimise your Overheads

    Do you find managing and standardizing your corporate email signatures and forms in Microsoft Outlook a serious administrative overhead? Wouldn't it be nice to simply change staff details (e.g. Title, Phone Numbers, etc.) in Exchange Global Address List and have the new details automatically appear in the user's email signatures, or specific forms? inMailX Brand Manager easily solves this challenge with its Global Address List integrated intelligent email signatures and forms.
  • Maximise your Time

    Does your inbox act as a surrogate "to do" list? Many emails require a follow up, whether that be attending to a task or scheduling a meeting. Wouldn't it be so much easier to update your calendar with follow-up activities as you send or file your emails? Learn how inMailX Time Manager can help streamline workflows and make it easier to schedule follow-up appointments or tasks while sending, reading, or filing emails!